Yummy Veggie Stir Fry

Linda asks…

What can I do with my veggies? How do you stir fry or make soups?

I am in college, and learning my way around the kitchen.

I bought green beans and brocolli (fresh) to start out with. I also have frozen peas, carrots, etc.

I have grilled Tyson chicken in frozen strips in the freezer, chick peas in a can, and white breast meat in cans (just the way tuna is stored).
Can anyone help me in putting some of these items together, so I’m not just eating steamed veggies with every meal. I also have a few Cream of Soup or whatever it’s called (from Campbell’s) that people use for cooking.

yummy answers:

The veg you’ve got, in my opinion, isn’t the best for making soups or stir fries, or the tastiest!

For soups, you need onion and potatoes as a general “base”. This is for “smooth” soup:

Fry the onion and some garlic in quite a bit of butter, then add a stock cube for flavour, black peper, any herbs you wan’t etc. 2 large chopped potatoes (chopped into 2cm cubes) and enough water to cover it. Boil until the potatoes are falling apart, then add whatever veg you want in there, boil for another 4 mins, then puree it with a cheap hand blender! Voila!

I sometimes use Squash instead of potato, or Sweet Potatoes etc.

If you want watery soup/broth with “chunky” veg, then do the same, but this time put some carrots in with the potatoes, and BEFORE they go too mushy, add the peas and chopped green beans! You can add cooked chicken in too for a stew. Although I would buy fresh as much as you can.

For example – buy a whole chicken.
Roast it (you can find out how if you google it)
eat some, leg/breast whatever, with roast potatoes (google enlish recipies for the best roasties, so yummy!) next day use left overs for sandwiches/the soup.

The best soup to make in my opinion though is sweet potato/butternut squash and Roasted Red Pepper (Think in America they’re called Bell peppers or something?) Add some cream in to make it extra delicious!

Stir fries – fry your meat in oil, maybe some soy sauce too. Add Your veg – a nice combination is Red Pepper, Thin stem Broccoli, baby sweetcorn, and thinly sliced courgette (zuchinni?) Then add your prepackaged stir fry sauce after a few mins, and a bit of fresh coriander (cilantro?) – = yummy!
Boil some noodles just after you put the veg in and they’ll be hot and ready to eat at the same time!

Just be bold! Don’t be afraid to mess up, or be adventurous!
When I first started cooking it looked like a bomb had hit the kitchen after – now I work as a Commis Chef :)

Use google for recipie sites too, but remember that it’s your food – for instance if a soup recipe has salt in, I don’t add it, because I don’t like salt much and the stock has enough in for me – you see? :)

Have fun cooking, and buy fresh as much as possible, it’ll taste nicer, I promise :)
Good luck!

P.s in regards to the next post – reheating rice can be REALLY dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, as campylobacter bacteria (which causes food piisoning so severe you can get blood poisoning from it, just ask my mum who got it a few years ago from a dodgy Indian restaurant) thrives on it, so make sure you heat it REALLY hot! Or not at all :)

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