Yummy Veggie Soup

Daniel asks…

How can I make a veggie soup with the ingredients I’ve got?

I’ve never made soup before so I’m pretty new to this. I want to use up the veggies I’ve got, which are:

1 carrot
kidney beans
pumpkin (but you don’t usually put that in with a vege soup, do you?)

I also have vegetable stock (the liquid form, not cubes)
I some parsley too and some random herb salts & stuff but I do NOT have any other additional things such as cream or yoghurt or butter or anything like that so please don’t give me recipes that have those kinda ingredients in them

some simple recipes would be best since it’s my first time making it

yummy answers:

Heat the vegetable stock. Cut up the vegetables and cook in the stock. Add garlic and swirl in some of the cooked pumpkin at the end for a thickened and yummy vegetable soup. I don’t use salt (high blood pressure) and don’t recommend adding any salt … You may add a bit to each bowl as desired, and you’ll be much healthier in the end. This is a very healthy soup … And do add the parsnip, because that will give you a different (and delightful) flavor and will ‘soften’ the ‘bite’ of the two cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower and broccoli) you have. Don’t use the beans though … Save them for another soup or make a nice vegetarian chili with canned tomatoes (diced) and peppers (both sweet and hot kinds) and some chili powder.

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