Yummy Veggie Dishes

Helen asks…

Any easy, non expensive, vegetarian dishes?

From just glancing around it seemed like all the veggie dishes called for a bunch of little expensive ingredients or spices. Is there anything fairly non expensive and still yummy?

yummy answers:

Get a couple of bags of mixed frozen veggies. They usually say ‘vegetables for soup’ or some variation of that, and are usually a dollar a bag if on sale. Toss the veggies in the crock pot, pore some tomato juice over everything, add veggie broth too. Then get creative with the spices. Mrs. Dash is a good place to start. Add salt, pepper, Maybe some garlic. I like to put a bit of spicy red pepper flakes in mine for a little heat. Maybe a small can of diced tomato’s, or some tomato paste if you want it a thicker soup. Turn the crock pot to low about mid morning and it should be ready by dinner time.

In the summer you can also toss in what you find at the farmer’s market.

I say frozen veggies because they are already diced and ready to go. :)

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