Vegetarian Guidelines

Helen asks…

What are the rules and guidelines of the Vegetarian South Beach diet?

The South Beach Diet is to lose weight – it has phases with different things you can eat at different phases. Why answer the question if you don’t know jack crap about it?

yummy answers:

I understand what you were probably thinking, but you should remember that vegetarians and South Beach-dieters are MORTAL ENEMIES :-D

This is a little bit like asking a cattle rancher for veggie burger recipes (sigh)

The South Beach diet is the little sister of the Atkins diet (also called “modified Atkins”). The Atkins diet is something no sane vegetarian or vegan will ever help you with, here are some reasons:

Mr.Atkins himself was overweight (!!!), had several heart attacks and died finally due to NOT NATURAL causes (which are until today kept as secret as possible by the worldwide Atkins diet business). If somebody who is advertising for a certain diet and lifestyle is unable to prove on his OWN example that this approach works – then I call such a person simply a swindler and a liar :-/

There is some type of weight loss possible with Atkins or South Beach – for MAXIMUM 6 months (and mostly due to the severely restrictive type of eating), after that the majority of all dieters breaks down and starts eating the same as before. They get all their weight back in no time PLUS extra pounds PLUS ruined health due to overdose on animal proteins.

If you want REAL weight loss, and advice from REAL doctors (who prove with perfect health and slender appearance that their approach REALLY works and keeps you healthy), try the Dr.McDougall diet ( ) or the Dr.Fuhrman program ( ), here you have proven guarantee for good health AND losing unnecessary pounds

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