Vegetarian Guide To Protein

Helen asks…

Tips on becoming vegetarian?

I’m 13 and i want to become a vegetariain but i was wondering if this would stunt my growth since i wont be eating meats? Also i bring lunch to school and i was wondering what i could bring for lunch besides salad which i have for dinner.

yummy answers:

I became a vegetarian at age 13 and I am now 30 and 171cm tall so no its won’t stunt your growth.
Just make sure you get plenty of protein. You can get this from soy products, nuts & lentils
And make sure you get plenty of iron. You get this from leafy green vegies but if you are concerned about a low iron count its OK to give your body a boost by taking iron tablets.
For lunch I like -
Toasted sandwiches with baked beans and/or cheese
Sandwiches with salad & Cheese
Leftovers from the night befores dinner!
Pasta & a tomato based sauce
Bread rolls with salad & cheese
Vegie burgers
Pumpkin or French Onion soup
Stir Fried Rice
Spinach & feta quiche (yum)

Also see if you can get your hands on a book called “The Teenage Vegetarian Survival Guide”. My Mum got me a copy for Xmas not long after I became a vegetarian and I found it really useful. Its still being updated and sold new on Amazon so it must be good!

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