Vegetarian Guide To Paris

Daniel asks…

Can anyone suggest a good vegetarian restraunt in Paris?

Preferably in the ’1′ postcode area (around Rue De Rivoli).

I know they don’t understand vegetarianism, but there must be some veggie restraunts.

yummy answers:

There is one that I know of in the 1st Arr. Called La victoire Supreme du Coeur, 41 Rue de la Bourdonnais. I’ve never eaten there – my guide says it’s on a traffic-free street near Les Halles, is pretty good particularly for Vegans.
When I visited with my vegetarian niece, our favourite was Le Grenier de Notre Dame, in the Rue de La Boucherie, 5th Arr. All the food was delicious, the service was sweet and we sat at nice painted tables outside.
We also enjoyed a lovely vegetable tempura at a Japanese restuarant in the 1st, called Isse in the Rue de RIchlieu.
There is actually a number of veggie restaurants in Paris, but to be honest, we found it better to eat in Moroccan/Japanese/Italian restaurants. The only place you might struggle to find anything is in a traditional bistro – everywhere else, you will find options.

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