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Mary asks…

Name of restaurant in U.S.A who serve a good meal?

Is someone can tell me were i can find a good restaurant in States, i mean a restaurant like Wendy’s, Mac Donald but some place are really good and serve good meal. Each time that i went U.S.A i was desapointed about their restaurant. So were is the good place for eat like a steak house or something like that ?

yummy answers:

What cities will you be visiting? If you are going to larger cities, then reviewing the ZAGAT survey evaluations on line should be of help. Also, you can check a ROUGH GUIDE or Fodor’s online or other travel guides. There are good restaurants in most larger cities, but these most definitely would not include any “fast food” or most chain restaurants. I would recommend going to locally owned establishments serving food from the area, unless you have a preference for certain ethnic cuisines or vegetarian choices, in which case only larger cities will have such fare. In many parts of the U.S. Inexpensive Mexican restaurants are found, but go to the ones patronized by Mexicans to get the real deal at low prices. In San Francisco Bay area there is an abundance of cheap ethnic eateries. Try some of those famed SuperBurritos at El Farolito.

Besides San Francisco, you will find certain cities that offer great restaurants, although not always inexpensive ones. New Orleans is certainly well known for its unique cuisine, although most of the inexpensive neighborhood places are gone post Katrina. But you can still find an inexpensive poboy sandwich or a muffoletta ==just don’t eat in the touristy French Quarter places unless you are going for a famed place like Galatoire’s.

You might also consult the “thorntree” section of LonelyPlanet Online for more information and to ask specific questions on the places you plan to visit. Locals and travelers will give you good leads.
Also, ask you cabdriver and hotel clerks where THEY go for reasonably priced but good food.

Good luck and bon apetit

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