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John asks…

becoming a vegetarian tips?

I am 18 and have been thinking of becoming a vegetarian. I think its horrible how the animals are treated, just for us to eat. I would look some tips into becoming a vegetarian. I dont really want to become a vegan just yet, as im new to the whole non-meat eating diet.

I work at a takeaway food store. I hate my job but its so hard to find another one. One part of my job is cutting up pork, beef and lamb and putting them into sandwiches etc. As well as serving chicken and other meat products. Would that anyway affect me? I know its stupid question but i dont know how to word it.

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You need to do research.vegetarianism is
vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and water.

Wikipedia has information on vegetarianism

and on animal rights groups at

for information on vegetarian and vegan options at fast food restaurants go to vegetarian-restaurants at

for information on vegetarian restaurants and health food stores in and around the area where you live or work type your street address of where you live or work in the “Enter LOCATION” box of happy cow at and the search box
of veg guide at

for vegetarian recipes use single words such as Breakfast, Fruit, Pizza, Wraps, Lunch, Protein, Sandwich, Snack, Salad, Dinner, Greens, Grains, Dessert, and Smoothie in the search box of vegetarian times at and happy cow

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