Vegetarian Guide To Eating Out

Sandra asks…

You think i should be a vegetarian?

I have done i before but i lasted 2 weeks,
But i really want to be one because i love animals :( and i have just recently quit smoking so i wanna put my goal on something else,

could some one please write me out a guide to be one,

Or give me the url for a guide to take me through step by step,?

Giving best answer!

yummy answers:

To me Loving animals is a Great Reason to be a vegetarian. It is not hard to be one and keep being one. First you must make a commitment to yourself that you not going to eat their bodies anymore even if you like how they taste. You are going to put their lives before your taste buds. I think loving animals and remembering that will keep you going. The first month is the hardest and only because you are used to eating animals. It is habit like anything else. Every day decide what you are having for breakfast . That is easy, Breakfast:cereal, oatmeal, toast,waffles, pancakes, english muffins, donuts, also mock breakfast meats as veggie bacon , veggie patties etc.
Lunch: make a sandwich ( no meat), a bean burrito, bean taco, veggie wrap, humus, falafel on pita, salads, soups, use mock meats as veggie burgers, veggie dogs with beans, veggie sausage etc
Dinner: Pasta a zillion ways, marinara, with pesto, alfredo,prima vera, with beans, veggie lasagna, or have sauteed or roasted veggies over rice, a curry dish, use mock meats to make almost any “meat dish”, stews, soups,casseroles, potatoes( fried, roasted, mashed, boiled), tamales, veggie meatballs, veggie meatloaf with mashed potatoes, Tofurkey with pecan cranberry,salads, and even veggie sloppy joes.
These are just a few ideas… Eat fresh fruits as apples , bananas, berries and drink fruit juice as OJ fortified with calcium
snack on nuts as almonds, peanuts, cashews, ect
snack on raw veggies as baby carrots or celery ( and use salad dressing as a dip) , I eat lots of raw veggies as well as cooked ones
If you can begin to change to soy or almond milks(they all taste different so it will be trial and error) I like Regular unflavored Silk ( refrigerator section) and Almond breeze chocolate (not refrigerated)

Things to avoid anything with Gelatin, anything with L-Cysteine, Carmine, and Confectioners glaze( the last 2 are bug guts found in lots of candies), avoid any beef, chicken or animal broths in soups and many times in rice dishes, and in cheese make sure it says non animal rennet ( otherwise the cow is killed as animal rennet comes from their 4th stomach).
I would say start here and everyday think to yourself I will not eat an animal today. Soon you will not even think of ever eating one again because your heart is in it and the more you know, the more commited you will be. Do not panic if you make a mistake , just fix it for the next time and keep going.

Good luck and stick with it ( I read some of your other questions and I would say do not try to be a vegan yet, yes you can begin to buy non leather shoes and bags as what you have wears out, and use products not tested on animals, but do not put that much pressure on yourself all at once)

Please email me if I can help or answer questions about any products.
I also suggest you look over PETA’s website and read all as well as
check out for recipes

One last thing Vegetarians do not eat any type of Fish ever including shellfish. Fish are living animals until they are killed and gutted for someone to eat them and absolutely not vegetarian. You probably know that, but some people are confused.

Vegan Forever

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