Key to Good salad

key to good salad
key to good salad

key to good salad

The key to good salad is about to make a great salad dressing. Most of us do not yet have everything that we need to make a good salad dressing at home, and it is too unfortunate that the home made salad dressing is always tastier and healthier than the ready made one. As a child I lived for some time in Italy, I remember how simple salad dressing at the restaurant. Salad vegetables are brought to the table, with perhaps two or three thin slices of tomatoes, and we simply used the oil and vinegar on the table, lightly sprinkled salt, and it taste deliciously perfect. You might think that this could lead to too oily or too acidic salad, but the fact is you will soon realize how this simple but perfect balance between the two major components of the dressing tastes.

If you start with the oil and vinegar, and then branches and a few other ingredients, you can create varieties of salad dressings.  In my experience the best salad dressings is the basis of petroleum acids. For a perfect balance,  try mix up the dressing with the ratio of roughly 4 parts oil to one part vinegar. If you use a  lemon or lime, start the same proportion or adding more oil according to your taste.  Juice with lemon or lime can change based on a variety of fruitiness and freshness. Issue with oil in salad is that health aurthority make a statment of cutting down the intake of fat.  However, the fact is  that oil in salad dressings are far better than french fries, starches or sugars in soft drinks or fruit juices. Though, the use of oil should be considered carefully.  I always use extra virgin olive oil. It is healthier than most other vegetable oils,  because it contains a higher proportion of monounsaturated fatty acids.  Choose the virgin olive oil with cold pressed extra virgin, which preserves the nutritional value of fatty acids. Supermarket vegetable oils, on the other hand, are made with thermal or chemical extraction in order to prolong their shelf life, making these kind of oil becoming unhealth to consume.

Two other favorite oil mine are cold and bitter flax seed oil, which is cold pressed. Flax see oil contains Omega fatty acids, which has very good and beneficial nutrition for your body, are however particularly prone to breakdown in light or heat.  So you need to keep the oil in the cold and in the dark. Another favorite, Hemp seed oil is dark green in color and has a grassy flavor.  Other good options and yet slightly more exotic oil for salad dress are walnut or hazelnut oil.  Or if you want to try some fancier vinegar, consider Artemisia Dracunculus vinegar  as a good supplement.  Of course, there is always a more economical and fun way to make your own fancy dressing.  Try use some raspberries or cherries mixed with fresh maple syrup in a jar, then stir up with white vinegar or white wine.

One last tip as a key to good salad is to add a bit of sea salt . It is best to mix vinegar and salt, before you add the oil, and it can dissolve better, leaving you a very simple but heavenily taste.

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