Healthy Simple Salad

Healthy Simple Salad
Healthy Simple Salad

Healthy Simple Salad

Looking for healthy simple salad to make? Try the spinach salad! It actually has a lot of variety, but you can prepare for it easily.  In addition, it has high nutritional value, providing an adequate supply of essential proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Too punch with more fruity favor and add more  nutritious values to this healthy simple salad, consider adding some fruits like organe, strawberry and nuts of your choices.  Prepare  for all of the following ingridents and serve in 20 minutes.

main ingredient;
fresh spinach, cut into bite size
strawberries, sliced
Lan Zhishi total collapse or cheese 4 ounces of soybean
cashew nuts
how to make dressing;
wine vinegar 3 tbsp.
orange juice 3 tbsp.
canola oil 1 tbsp.
dry mustard ¼ TSP.
poppy seed 1/3 TSP.

My personal favorite is to combine spinach with strawberries and oranges in a bowl. Add dressing and toss evenly. Add some cashew nuts and slices of cheese(optional). This healthy simple gree dish ensures you get high levels of vitamin c and nutrients called phytonutrients, including lutein, and zeaxanthin carotenoid. It is also high in antioxidants, fights cancer causing free radicals, cardiovascular problems, inflammation, bone and eye problems, among other health benefits.  And it has occured to me that you can also try some very good Chinese herb Gogi berry with your spinach salad.  This is by the best healthy simple salad to make for yourself and your family.

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