Healthy Eating Vegetarian Plan

George asks…

Is this a healthy vegetarian meal plan?

So I’m going vegetarian, and I’m a teenage girl so I just need to make sure this is okay, because my parents are so against it they wont help me.

Breakfast: two large eggs, scrambled, with a glass (2 cups) of skim milk, and a light coffee drink ;)

Lunch: a peanut butter (organic) and banana sandwich, which is on 12-grain bread, an apple, and a Revive Vitamin Water

Snack: a glass of milk, and water throughout the day

Dinner: whatever side my mom makes (b/c the main dish is meat), which is usually rice or potatoes with some sort of vegetable, and salad.

Dessert: popcorn OR vanilla ice cream with blueberries

And I’m sure that once in a while I’ll have some candy or chips, but not usually

I probably work out about four times a week, and I have two cheer practices a week where I get minor cardio and a strength from stunting for two hours straight. I have a slow metabolism, as well:( I take Vitamin C vitamins because I get sick fairly easily.

Is this healthy enough? What can I add or exchange?

yummy answers:

I think you’ll need protein to feel full at dinner. A lot of vegetarians end up eating mostly fruit and starches. That dessert for instance is just empty starch. Starch makes you feel hungrier and gives you sugar crashes.

Either switch to starches with protein in it or add in some other nut meats or bean protein. You can make beans twice a week and then just add them into whatever is for dinner that night. It’s easy to add a few tortillas and beans, or just add beans to meatless spaghetti sauce. You can also hard boil eggs, which makes it easy to add it to a meal, without any extra work for your mother.

Ignore the zealots’ veganism. The egg protein and the milk will make your life a lot easier, as they’ll give you complete proteins.

Oh and keep oatmeal in mind for a good breakfast, as you may find your energy fading before lunch.

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