Healing Foods

Donald asks…

Healing Foods?

My Wife will be coming home from open heart surgery this week. I want to feed her healing foods. I don’t need a list of heart healthy foods, but ones that will make her breast bone and incision heal better and faster

yummy answers:

Check with her doctor…your medical group or hospital should have someone to guide you. A basic healing diet is rich in omega 3′s (Fish, etc.), 9 – 13 servings of fruits and veggies, lean meat, high fiber carbs, and dairy. All the antioxidants mentioned by another here are important. She needs calories to heal. If she doesn’t feel much like eating try making smoothies with fresh fruits, yogurt, Whey powder, a little ground flax and ice cubes. Add ground flax (in small quantities) to soups, salads, etc. Add turmeric to rice and vegetables. Citrus peel and citrus added to dark green veggies make them more easily absorbed. Cinnamon will keep her blood sugar levels more even.

All my best to your wife for a speedy recovery. Having you at her side she is already ahead of the game.

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