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Carol asks…

After reading the book, do you still trust Doctors and pills. As well as some foods you eat.?

The Book
Natural cures they dont want you to know about.
If you didnt read the book and you rather believe you can take different pills all your life and still be healthy, this is not the queastion for you.

yummy answers:

After reading both of the Natural Cures books I have dramatically changed my life. I already knew some of the things he talked about like MSG and Qi energy, but now it has completely opened my eyes on the entire medical and food industry. Now I know the great importance of cleansing, the sun, keeping stress in check, live organic whole food supplementation, Electromagnetic Radiation and a whole host of other things. His books impacted me in a positive way so much that it has led me to research many many things that I wouldn’t have even thought of researching, like Quantum Physics and the Zero Point Field, the subconscious mind, magnetic effects on the human body. Just take for instance Epigenetic’s ”mind controlling the genes, cells and DNA”, even though it doesn’t directly mention Epigenetic’s and the work of Bruce Lipton in Trudeou’s book, it does say how we need to think and the kind of mental state we need to be in to stay at optimum health, one thing leads you to another. Then trough various books and websites he recommended in his books it led me to learn Matrix Energetics, and how consciousness focused intent can make instantaneous physical changes and change the structure of the atoms, cells and subatomic partials to move bones and/or regain sight or do anything. It has motivated me to support various organizations that are not corrupt and are working to make organic growing standards and whole food supplements set very high and secure for our future. Another book he recommends is How Long Do You Choose To Live by Peter Ragnar, this book and this man will change peoples lives. He has banished death from his mind because he has realized that its our beliefs and lifestyle that make people die. He is an Immortalist, and his body mimics his immortal beliefs, he does things some body builders can’t even do, and he seems to not age. If you haven’t visited his site, do so, he is absolutely Amazing. If anything get his magnetic Qi gong course.

I don’t know why people get hung up on Trudeau’s past, that was 20 years ago. The information, resources and products he has recommended are LIFE SAVING/CHANGING in a positive way. He traveled over 5 million miles all over the world seeking the best products, treatments and techniques on planet earth for curing as well as life enhancing. I personally have became my own doctor, literally, with what i know now I will never have a need to go to a doctor/hospital ever again. I literally have not been sick since reading Trudeau’s first book, I feel so much better after cleansing and eating fresh organic foods, I don’t feel bogged down and I can think much clearer, I feel tremendously great.

Critics of Keven Trudeau need to actually do true research, like talk to scientist and doctors all around the world and actually see people get cured extremely fast right before there eyes, rather then relying on biased studies and websites that are secretly funded by the drug companies. I think folks need to know that the AMA is mostly funded by the drug companies, so the doctors will only know how to do two things and thats surgery or push drugs, because they aren’t taught anything else, they will never know the massive power of internal cleansing, the healing power of the sun, live organic foods, herbs and specialty supplements, oxygen therapy, DMSO therapy, energy healing, frequency healing, mind healing, on and on and on. The Drug companies even state that there only goal is to create ”manageable diseases”, they will never try to truly cure diseases, they have a legal obligation to there share holders to have increased continued use of drugs.

Also I don’t think people are aware that the scientist at Monsanto the chemical company who developed GMO seeds refused to eat food in Monsanto’s cafeteria that was grown with GMO seeds, the very scientist who created the GMO seeds would not eat GMO food. Very interesting.

I hope his books have changed many lives like it has my life.

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