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Chris asks…

Healing Adrenal Insufficiency? Please help me!?

I suspect that I have adrenal insufficiency and have taken some lab tests but haven’t gotten the results yet. I have searched some about how to heal and recover from it, but most of it only says “Eat Well, Exercise, Rest, Relax, Remove Stressors, and take supplements.”

Well my problem with that whole ‘rest, relax, and exercise’ thing is that I am one of the most relaxed people you’ll meet. I believe that I devoloped this condition from a severe case of Social Phobia Disorder, but I now have that condition under control. I am 18 years old, I took my GED when I was 16, I don’t go to college yet, I don’t have a job yet and I am not under pressure from my parents to do so. I basically do whatever I want all day long, which includes sleeping huge amounts, which is one of my main problems. I would try and exercise but I just don’t have the energy. And I do eat fairly well most of the time. Really my only stressors are things that I am already trying to work on. Basically dealing with my various health issues, some body image problems, and dealing with becoming an adult.

So I eat fairly well, sleep in huge amounts, and am fairly stress free. Yet I still have this horrible fatigue, weakness in my muscles and various other symptoms. What else am I supposed to do?! I have read that DHEA supplement can be good in low doses for women, but what about some sort of adrenal gland supplement?

Please help me! I don’t know what else can help me.

Please don’t tell me adrenal insufficiency doesn’t exist and please don’t tell me that I might have other health problems that are similar.

yummy answers:

I can not answer your question directly but will point out some areas of possible help. The best online reference I know of is The Encyclopedia of Natural Healing. It lists every known disease and every individual herb that will work in the same section. It is an easy format to follow. Another Reference that is a must is The Vitim an Bible by Earl Mindrell. It is the ultimate vitamin reference book. Also see your local herbalist, naturopath, and health food store owner. All are expert natural medicine people in different ways. These are avenues I have seen solve many things western drug based medicine states are impossible. I my self have been healed from kidney failure, heart disease, and arthritis. All by Alternate therapies. I hope one or more of these avenues of possible healing is beneficial to you. Unbelieved.

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