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Ruth asks…

Is vegetarian food healthy?

Hi I’m 16 and I been a Vegetarian for about
2 months now

I’ve been doing really good.

My sister who eats meat
(actually I’m the only Vegetarian in the family)

Says that
Being Vegetarian isn’t healthy
like the food she means I guess

Such as Soy milk
or the Morning star foods like

The Fake Chicken patties ect.

I want to know if those are healthy or Bad.

she says im actually killing myself if I eat those things.

I’m a vegetarian Because I care about animals and Don’t believe they should be eaten
And I dont approve of the harmful ways they are killed.
But I guess my sister doesnt see that the same way as me.

yummy answers:

If by “vegetarian food” you are talking about the highly processed foods that many like to purchase, I see such as taking in chemicals in your food that if you ate naturally, wouldn’t be there.

For me, vegetarian is more getting back to basics. Highly processed foods are something that I will eat – once in awhile – but not on a regular basis.

I go with the thought that if I have to look up a word to find out what it is or can’t pronounce it with ease – more than likely don’t need it in my diet. So I eat more fruits, vegetables, legumes (dried beans and peas), whole grains, seeds, and nuts over the processed stuff.

For me, I just prefer the more natural approach and believe it to be the healthiest approach to eating, eating food the way that it was gown and to be eaten when it comes in season.

Fresh is best, frozen comes in second, canned for emergency situations. Highly processed foods are rarely something that I indulge in.

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