Eating Healthy Vegan

Robert asks…

i need helpin eating healthy?

lately i have been stressing over my weight ,i used to be really skinny and now im really chunky and iits gettin me frustrated ….i wanna eat healthy or sumthing but i dont know how …wat shold i do

yummy answers:

Just eating healthy is not gonna cut it. You need to add exercise to ur regimen as well. If you’re fairly young, about 30 min of vigorous exercise like running will suffice. Neway, about eating healthy, keep away from the carbs as much as you can. If possible, go vegan or eat fish. Cut down on red meats. Cut down on snacks. Eat about 4 small meals a day instead of 3 big ones. Stack up on fruits and veggies. Limit your soda and sugar intake as well. Minimize your trans fat intake- if u see trans fat more than 5% on a food label, get rid of it. So much advice on food, but none of it is going to work unless you’re physically active.
There’s only one simple equation to weight loss: intake<output.
If you spend more energy than you intake in food, the pounds will drop. The only way that is going to happen is if you exercise as muscles are working and building and therefore using up energy.
So, eat right and exercise to lose weight.

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